Wild Bill Hiccup

Hold on to your hats ladies and gentlemen its the 10foot Cowboy!

It’s Wild Bill Hiccup… No one really knows the history of this crazy routin touting man... legend has it he just appeared one day asking for the nearest Sarsaparilla bar. Some say he captured 5 criminals in the outback singlehanded- using only a turkey leg and his trusty whip!!

He sleeps with his boots on and eats only grits and gravy except for Sundays when you’ll find him back at the homestead enjoying a generous helping of granny’s apple pie. You heard it here first folks there is a new sheriff in town, guaranteed to make you feel more welcome than a nit on a hog.

The crazy antics and hilarious quips of this comedy character will liven up any hootenanny party, festival or street event

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