King Arthur and Patsy

"And lo did King Arthur and his trusted servant Patsy doth gallop their way across hill and dale to find fellow knights to recruit in their quest for the Holy Mug. And yay this be a classic walkabout . Armed with the sacred coconuts Patsy follows the Legendary King of the Britains on their quest, finding and testing young and old knights with silly questions and silly tasks to test their silly skills to become silly knights of the round table at (you guessed it) Silly Camelot. And yay they did useth all types of tricks to have fun with the natives. Testing for witches and rescuing maidens in distress. And the costumes they woreth being hand made and a perfect replica of those worn in the original film." Amen This beautifully simple walkabout is perfect for any street, medieval or family event. A hilarious walkabout for those who know the film and even more surreal for those who don't. Now "runaway!”

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