Tilda Tigerbalm

Tilda Tigerbalm is a great crowd puller and stirs the public’s curiosity; she is a completely original design. Tilda walks the streets chatting and interacting with the general public asking the most surreal and inappropriate questions. A gentle pensioner, she can banter with the children, gossip with the adults, chat with the animals and charm the plants.

Tilda is a "Half Body" manipulated puppet, and is a unique style of puppetry. The puppeteer is fully visible to the audience/ public but, by utilizing years of manipulation and movement skills, the puppeteer can leave the audience drawn to the puppet and not the puppeteer. This style and technique of puppetry is often seen in Puppetry Theatres around Europe but rarely is it seen on the streets, especially in the UK and Republic of Ireland. Paul Currie is a Belfast puppeteer and puppet builder, street performer and clown, with over 15 years puppetry experience. He is also a Jim Henson Muppeteer (Potto on Cbeebies - Sesame Tree).

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