Acro Disaster

Tumble Circus

All the strength and beauty of a young Swedish goose, the good timing of a sundial at midnight and the athletic grace of a world dart's champion. A 10 min high skilled hand to hand acrobatic circus slapstick adventure.

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Overhead Underdressed

Tumble Circus

A dynamic display of total trust, physical strength and no clear idea of what is happening. The perfect piece for creating audible gasps.

7 min high skilled comedy trapeze act.

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Tumble Circus

An aerial performance weaved in silk and flesh. Inspiring strength and effortless grace. Beauty and peril drop, descend and cling, a visual treat of modern circus skill. Can be performed as solo act, duo or group.

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Knot Smart

Tumble Circus

Knot Smart – circus, comedy, entertainment. “Give a fool enough rope and he will hang himself”. A deeply superficial gawk at the tragic soul of a man, on a quest to recreate love

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Dizzy in Heels

Tumble Circus

With more bends and curves than the road to Limavady, Heidi Hoopla presents her tricky, yet sophisticated display of hula hooping. Rumoured to be capable of keeping 42 hula hoops in motion on her hips.

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The Escape

Tumble Circus

Houdini is dead and David Copperfield is too expensive. Meet Kenneth Fall, Ireland’s most inexpensive and still alive escape artist, 20 meters in the air hanging from the end of a burning rope. A death defying comedy of implausible consequences.

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