Anita Woods - Spanish Web

Barren Carrousel

Spinning at peak velocity, this act will have you on the edge of your seat.

Anita Woods ,Spanish Web from Gerodeo on Vimeo.

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Ruby & Rose - Aerial Hoop

Barren Carrousel

An elegant aerial display, overhead fun and frolics. Can be booked as solo or doubles act.

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Spinal Gap - Contortion

Barren Carrousel

Spinal Gap is a spellbinding contemporary contortion act which pushes the human body beyond its limits, including feats of balance and flexibility. The performance is choreographed to a haunting sound track.

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Belinda’s Bubbles

Barren Carrousel

Step back in time to see vaudeville’s finest Belinda Bubbles. She literally folds herself in half for a bath and powders her nose with her toes as she is sweetly serenaded by her sister Serena.

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