Lords of Strut

Lords of Strut

The Lords of Strut bring the theatrical antics back into street theatre. Turning pop, dance and entertainment into circus, acrobatics and comedy, can Seamus and Sean take Ireland and the world of B-list celebrity by storm? Can they survive their artistic differences? Will spandex uni-tards ever be in fashion? Only these pioneers of bad taste and hissy fits can predict.

The Lords of Strut spoof the shoddy underbelly of celebrity culture until it begs for comedy mercy. A high energy 45 minute acrobatic show, with break dancing, contortion, acrobatic ladder and acrobalance, the Lords of Strut create a show for all ages. Sometimes subtle, sometimes brash humour, you are invited to just go with it and see what’s on the other side.

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Lords of Strut

DangerBoy missed out on the safety lesson at school, reason went out the window and he discovered that he had a talent to entertain crowds with death defying stunts. Running with scissors, juggling knives and even eating fire are all in a days work for DangerBoy. DangerBoy does not take responsibility for children wanting to do what he does, and parents wanting to be who he is.

Cormac Mohally has spent over 10 years performing street shows and DangerBoy is a straight up family show that displays high skill with comedy and fun. The show is 40 minutes long and plays with the idea that what he does is dangerous, while all his routines are well rehearsed and made to look like they are unbalanced and scary. He also has fantastic crowd control and interaction, so the audience or himself are never in any danger.

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