A Guide to shows

A Guide

Shows can take place outdoors on the streets, in theatres, on playing fields, or in community halls and can run between 15 mins and 50 mins long, with most running around 35 mins. All shows are self contained, which means that the artists don’t need you to provide sound systems or lights (although sometimes the event has these anyway). All shows would have a strong vein of humour and are family friendly. We have solo performers and double acts, non-verbal performances and shows with lots of banter, performers whose skills reach new heights to shows that take place at great height – well at least on 6 meter high free-standing aerial rigs.

Performance space required varies according to act but as guide you would need about 5 meters x 5 meters on flat, level ground plus space for an audience to gather. There is some flexibility in the case of slightly smaller spaces, if we know the space dimensions in advance. When booking a street theatre show you need to consider what is happening around the performance space, so you need to minimise any background noise such as road works, loud music, sound checks, and also avoid spaces near to busy traffic..

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