Greyleaf Woodburn

Dick Diamond

Greyleaf Woodburn, the tallest elf in all of the forest kingdoms! At one with nature and all its creatures, mischievous, fun-loving and true of heart

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Dick Diamond

Dick Diamond

He’s a geezer! Be ready for a spot of banter with this guy.

Economy trading event- local council- event organiser: "Thanks again to Dick Diamond who was fantastic yet again on Saturday - he added plenty of laughter to the streets!!"

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Valentine Winterbottom

Dick Diamond

An authentic Victorian chappy, very polite and charming until Christmas comes. Then he turns into Scrooge!

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Captain Horatio Hawke III

Dick Diamond

Meet a sea-faring hero and hear tales from the high seas.

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Sherlock Holmes

Dick Diamond

The world’s tallest detective, he finds clues shorter detectives fail to see.

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Elvin the Elf

Dick Diamond

This happy elf will bring cheer to any occasion. Great for meet & greet at Christmas dos, entertaining the crowds at Christmas lights switch ons and keeping spirits high in the run up to Christmas.

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The Spectre

Dick Diamond

He’ll chill you to the bone, perfect for Halloween or just annoying the neighbours.

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