Albert the Great and the Christmas Wish Fairy

Lady Alexandra

Brighten up a winter's night with the ever cheerful Christmas Wish Fairy, full of light and laughter and lots of festive chat to help you on your merry way.

The Christmas Wish Fairy will help you make your Christmas wish come true, 'with a spin of the heel, shut your eyes tight, make your Christmas wish with all your might.

Tall, dark, handsome - well two out of three isn’t bad. Whether it’s talking to toddlers or mingling with the masses of high society, Albert is the perfect choice for any event.

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Georgian Lady

Lady Alexandra

Add a touch of elegance to your event by extending an invitation to Lady Alexandra. She loves nothing more than hob-nobbing with the local gentry, but enjoys a good old gossip with the common folk too! You could soon be rubbing shoulders with high society - but only if you're ten feet tall!

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Woodland Willow

Lady Alexandra

Woodland Willow will brighten up the Autumn afternoons with a cheery smile and seasonal blooms.

Wedding feedback: "Thank you all so much for performing at our wedding, you certainly gave our wedding the “wow” factor and the element of surprise for the guests that we were hoping for. We will certainly be recommending Premiere Circus to our friends for any future events. Thanks again.”

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The Baba Yaga

Lady Alexandra

The Baba Yaga has travelled far from her forest in middle Russia

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