Fire Performance

Cleo is a highly skilled, versatile performer with a knack for all things fire, glitter, and glow!

Combining dance and acrobatic performance with state-of-the art props including fire hula hoop, fire fans, fire poi and fire fingers, Cleo creates breathtakingly bright, eye-catching patterns and illusions to captivate and hypnotise.

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Mr H - Fire performance

Fire Performance

Dressed in a top hat and suit, Mr H is quite a striking character.

Watch as he plays with fire, entertaining all ages.

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Mr G Sharp - fire

Fire Performance

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Becky Laidlaw

Fire Performance

Fire poi, body burning or fire fans dazzle - LED and pixel poi offer a striking alternative for indoors

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Sideshow Ramone

Fire Performance

Roll up! Roll up! and feast your eyes on....

The sensationally shocking Sideshow Ramone can entertain with fire juggling and spectacular pixel poi

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Fire Performance

Fire Performance

We have fire jugglers, fire eaters, fire breathers, fire poi and fire hoop performers. Just about anything with fire!

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Logy on Fire

Fire Performance

A variety of fire skills are performed which can include fire eating, body burning, poi, juggling, fire diabolo, fire breathing, angle grinding, devil stick and even fire whip!

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