Dead Butler

The Great Mefiesto

Benson the Wrinkled Retainer is a curmudgeonly old Butler character beset with ancient aches and pains. Still in possession of some of his own teeth and hair he is surprisingly versatile and flexible for his age.

As a ground character he can provide a short comedy fire show which includes fire eating and fire juggling. He can also interact with the audience by taking people to their seats, taking their coats or just providing a spooky welcome to your event.

As a stilt character he becomes a larger than life Halloween figure still able to interact in a haunting and fun way with the audience.

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Jethro the West Country Fisherman

The Great Mefiesto

This salty old sea dog struts around with his fishing rod, always ready to use any pool, puddle or drain as his next heroic battle with the elements.

Depending on the season, he can be found fishing for old boots, tin cans, shopping trolleys or even compliments.

Most likely to say “Ye should have seen the size of the one that got away, This character can be tailored to a range of nautical themes: fisherman, trawlerman or pirate. Can be stilts or ground based.

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The Rapscallion Gent

The Great Mefiesto

Dressed in period costume, the Rapscallion Gent rides a penny- farthing bicycle. This character entertains whilst seated head and shoulders above the crowd.

If you're looking for a walkabout character with a difference, the penny-farthing offers a conversation piece for young and old.

This Victorian oddity is suited to parades, fun days and living history events.

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