Tight-fisted O'Lanaghan

The Mac Factor

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Tony Tinseltoes

The Mac Factor

This versatile character can entertain on stilts, bouncy stilts or by juggling

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The Flaming Vampire

The Mac Factor

This spooky character can perform with pixel poi or flaming poi - bringing some light into the darkness!

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Tennis Dennis

The Mac Factor

Comedy with the hapless Tennis Dennis, a super confident star on the tennis court but a super fool off court.

An energetic comedy walkabout character, throwing in some juggling with tennis rackets and tennis balls and even squeezing through a tennis racket.

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Thumper Cloudwell

The Mac Factor

Thumper Cloudwell is a march hare like no other. Watch as he leaps and bounds on his bouncy stilts!

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Wild Bill Hiccup

The Mac Factor

Hold on to your hats ladies and gentlemen its the 10foot Cowboy!

It’s Wild Bill Hiccup… No one really knows the history of this crazy routin touting man... legend has it he just appeared one day asking for the nearest Sarsaparilla bar. Some say he captured 5 criminals in the outback singlehanded- using only a turkey leg and his trusty whip!!

He sleeps with his boots on and eats only grits and gravy except for Sundays when you’ll find him back at the homestead enjoying a generous helping of granny’s apple pie. You heard it here first folks there is a new sheriff in town, guaranteed to make you feel more welcome than a nit on a hog.

The crazy antics and hilarious quips of this comedy character will liven up any hootenanny party, festival or street event

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Captain John Edward Smith

The Mac Factor

Captain John Edward Smith famously captained his last voyage on the vast and enchantingly beautiful Titanic. Renowned for fortitude in character and unwavering demeanour at the helm of this awesome ship he would join her on what would be and her first and last adventure, a romantic and controversial epic.

See Captain John Edward smith frozen in time, bathe in this living statue both sad and intriguing, a real testament in both likeness and aura of one of the world’s most famous captains. Enjoy the eerie revelry while he remains forever looking into the horizon.....

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