Long Legged Lovelies

Ruckis Cirkus

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Lady Gertrude

Ruckis Cirkus

This elegant Victorian character, Lady Gertrude, will bring an air of sophistication to your event. Using her years of etiquette training she will charm and entrance your guests. Though she might not have the best singing voice or be able to remember the dances of her era she will certainly entertain by trying!

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Spring Chicken

Ruckis Cirkus

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Curious Catrobatics

Ruckis Cirkus

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Precious Pink Princess

Ruckis Cirkus

Perfect for birthday parties!

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Victorian Zombie

Ruckis Cirkus

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Ruckis Cirkus

Angela sits atop a fully decorated, fairy-lit Christmas tree! A fun and interactive performance from this very excitable angel, who hasn't been out since last Christmas. Angela will sing Christmas carols (with the voice of an angel of course) in the hope of finding a family to take her home for Christmas!

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Candy Plum

Ruckis Cirkus

Wee Candy Plum is a playful and mischievous elf who will entertain you with stories about toy making (she has probably made most of the toys you own!) and the truth about how lazy Santa Claus is! She doesn't get out much so is keen to meet everyone and hear your stories about why you should be on the 'nice list' this Christmas.

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