The Witches

Sneaky Freak

Griselda the Good and her bumbling apprentice Mildred the Mauve have been spotted out and about in the Earthly Realm. Their invisibility spell is on the blink and they keep popping up in the strangest of places.
Can you help them gather the ingredients they need to complete the spell and return them to the Enchanted Kingdom? These two ground-based characters will endeavour to enlist the help of anyone who is willing to search and find the things they need to get them home in time for tea.

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The Raven Sisters

Sneaky Freak

The Raven Sisters will add some glitz and glamour to your event.

Evocative of a bygone era, of sideshow circus and the silver screen, brought sharply into the 21st century by these dextrous damsels and their fancy footwork.

Hula hooping and hat manipulation skills.

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National Elf Service

Sneaky Freak

Are you having trouble with your Elf confidence? Do you lack Elf control? Fully trained in Elf and Wellbeing, these two Christmas elves are ready to serve. If you have a problem, maybe you can call............ THE NATIONAL ELF SERVICE

These playful entertainers bring their LED hoops for a touch of illumination at evening and winter events

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Spring Fairies

Sneaky Freak

These fun-loving fae love to have fun and spread mischief and mayhem - their skills include juggling, plate spinning and performing diabolo tricks!

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