Snow Queen

Miss Longstocking

Not to be mistaken for her evil sister, this (n)ice queen of Freezia is travelling around the world to bring a white Christmas to everyone!

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Miss Longstocking

Since the goddess Athena has cursed Medusa with a plague of snakes, she has scoured the earth looking for a cure, and good skin care products.

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Dryad (Tree Lady)

Miss Longstocking

This mythological creature transforms from a static tree to a woodland creature when its curiosity is stirred, but will return to the safety of its tree shape when it gets startled by loud noises or bright lights.

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Queen of Hearts

Miss Longstocking

Hold onto your heads while you make the acquaintance of The Queen of Hearts. Help her search for white rabbits and red roses. Perfect for Alice in Wonderland or fairytale themed events

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Sea Queen

Miss Longstocking

Welcome on to shore Serena, Queen of the Sea, who is trying to evade her royal duties. Watch as she enjoys the company and customs of land dwelling creatures, young and old.

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