The Long Tall Butler

Hotch Potch

This meandering, highly skilled and interactive stilt act can add a touch of class to any event in any place.

Providing a high class service and assisting customers or the unsuspecting public in every way, or at least to the best of his abilities.

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Giant Explorer

Hotch Potch

This giant explorer is in search of all things warm and cosy, whether it be a hug or directions to the nearest hot cuppa, audience members can help him on his way.

Bringing a snow blizzard to all occasions, the explorer is a comedic act which fully embraces our colder months of the year, illuminated for events after dark.

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The Winter King

Hotch Potch

This stilted king brings a wintery chill as he walks, celebrating all that is cold and Christmassy!

This highly interactive act is perfect for meeting and greeting at busy winter events, also suitable for evening events with an illuminated costume.

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Captain O'Goldie

Hotch Potch

Aharr! This gold statue pirate has sailed all the way from the salty shores of Cornwall. He has the sea in his heart and gold treasure on his mind so pop in a coin to see if you can awake him from his menacing stare and give you a much anticipated scare. Perfect for any Maritime themed events.

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The Frozen Explorer

Hotch Potch

The Frozen Explorer is “frozen in time” as a human statue act, coming to life for those who dare to get close enough. Perfect for any winter occasion this act is also illuminated for night time celebrations.

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Ross Wheeler

Hotch Potch

Ross has been a professional fire poi spinner for over ten years,and also performs with double fire staff

Video link:

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The Golden Aviator

Hotch Potch

A visually striking golden war pilot statue, with his wind-blown scarf suspended in mind air, is a high flying tribute to all brave pilots living and lost. See if you can spot him come to life, give you a salute or even shake your hand and make your acquaintance.

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Detritus of the Deep

Hotch Potch

Detritus has come ashore with a plea for help as pollution is destroying his beloved home. This character may not speak but his message is loud and clear as he carries the sound of the sea with him (via a small mobile speaker), uses his trident to create bubbles and hands out shells bearing messages of help and hope.

Perfect for Maritime or Eco-themed events.

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