Granny Myrtle

Louise Conaghan

Granny Myrtle, may be older than the heather but she's young at heart.

An interactive street character and story teller, you can throw into any situation; with young or old and she'll come up with some comic gold.

DJ Granny Myrtle, as she is known on the Street; has been known to rap the lyrics made famous by Big DOD (Daniel O'Donnell), been caught street Zimmer racing, and that was just yesterday. She's up to date and don't be fooled by her lovely brogue she has a sharp wit.... if she doesn't nod off that is!

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Mother Goose

Louise Conaghan

Mother Goose is the latest character by Louise Conaghan.

She is a larger than life, but very sweet, interactive walkabout and story teller.

Straight out of a storybook she goes around reciting all the old classic tales from Little Miss Muffet to Humpty Dumpty.

She knows them all personally and can spot a character in a crowd when she sees one!

Comes with talking, moving goose.

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Mrs Mary Claus

Louise Conaghan

Children will be captivated by Mary's warm 'magical light' touch, her sumptuous costume; and at 1135 years old, her enchanting stories of old and new! If you want to know ...who put the glow in Rudolf's nose?... who really does the bookkeeping i.e. The Lists? to wrap just about anything? ...ORRRR some inside information on the Big Man himself... she's the woman to ask!

She has recipes to share, hats to wear, songs to sing and a candy cane or two up her sleeve!

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The Book Fairy

Louise Conaghan

Once upon a time, long long ago, there was a little old book store.

It is said that it was a magical place!

The rise of online books and internet shopping caused the book store to close it's doors and all the books were destroyed, except one.. for in it lived: 'Fairy Tales'!

'Fairy Tales' is a kind, gentle fairy who loves paper, books, reading and hearing all your stories!

Suitable for audiences from the very young to the very old.

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