Headless Biker

Mr Wizzy

Surreal character, highly visual, a hit with parades and carnivals. Can have themed music playing from small battery amp on back of trike.

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Mr Wizzy

Mr Wizzy

A great interactive character performing silly magic gags and comedy. Popular with younger audiences.

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Clown Bike Taxi

Mr Wizzy

Mr Wizzy on a tiny bike. Stopping and asking if you need a lift. Very interactive

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Mad Hatter

Mr Wizzy

Perfect for Alice in Wonderland or movie themed events. An entertaining character for family and children’s events.

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Mexican Dude

Mr Wizzy

Andale Arriba!! Very loud and bold character, great for meet and greet events.

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Headless Man Executive

Mr Wizzy

Great for shopping malls, town centre walkabout, photo calls, meet and greet at corporate functions. Highly visual character.

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Headless Crusader

Mr Wizzy

The Headless Crusader lost his head in battle and has been searching for a replacement ever since. Works well at medieval events.

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Uncle Sam

Mr Wizzy

For all your July 4th or American themed events.

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Carnival Clown

Mr Wizzy

This carnival clown is visually loud, just the thing to draw a crowd! Perfect for family fun days or parades.

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Christmas Pixie

Mr Wizzy

A comedy character filled with Christmas cheer. The Christmas Pixie can bring his clown bike or fairy-lit trike to get around on!

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Halloween Headless Man

Mr Wizzy

Visually stunning with his big fake axe, an interactive and friendly character.

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