Petal people


From the depths of the botanical gardens has bloomed a new visually stunning walkabout character to bring a rosy glow to any wilted frown!

A fresh new interactive surreal floral character created by street performer and artist Paul Currie. Suited in fine tweed with a bouquet bonce that will brighten up any formal or family event Petal People will be the perfect addition to your wedding, carnival or festival.

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Aloysius Ginderbalm aka The Little Troll


Aloysius is a small puppet with a big voice; the crowds tend to find him from his insane ramblings and his awful troll singing.
He sits at a height of about 1 and half feet. He can be performed higher as long as he has a stand to place him and his little chair on. Unlike the pixie puppets he is able to verbally interact with an audience. He is a completely original design and his costume and body are hand made by the puppeteer. Children and Adults seem to flock to him at all the big events he has appeared at due to his high level of banter.

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Pathetic Athletic Igor Strausenhausen


Igor Strausenhausen aka Pathetic Athletic Standing at 9 foot tall, his rippled thighs, amiable abs and carved calves are proof of his speed and strength. This rugged mid-european Adonis struts high above the weaker common man and woman to show off his hilariously pathetic feats of strength, everything from attempting to tear paper bags, struggling to open sweet wrappers, break twigs and lift ladies hand bags high above his head, Igor will leave the crowd stunned with tears of laughter in their eyes and open smiles of bewilderment. Hanging from his mighty oak neck Igor has many Olympic medals that he likes to boast about to anyone who will stand still long enough.

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Peter Frampton - The Bow Bells Behemoth


Peter Frampton aka The Bow Bells Behemoth

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The Copper Gent


A living statue that interacts and entertains by the smallest gesture. A tip of his hat, the wink of an eye or simply a wave can have people smiling and laughing, playing on the element of surprise. “The Gent” will act and react with any audience, be it a family festival, a street filled with shoppers, a formal function or a corporate event. The authentic looking oxidised bronze statue will bring any crowd to a standstill. His silence and gentle comedy is infectious and intriguing to all ages.

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Godwin Bumblestorm


The ancient Grandmaster storyteller walks the land in search of stories to tell and tales to listen to. This 700 year old stands at a grand 7 foot. His eccentric tales of adventure will have families and children of all ages in stitches, as he stumbles and bumbles his way through classic fairytales. The puppet is a completely original design and hand made by the puppeteer, who is Jim Henson trained, to the highest quality. Perfect for parades or family pageants.

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The Travelling Obo


The Obo's have been walking the great lands since the dawn of time. Similar to Gnomes or Hobbits they are small in stature yet large in heart. Jim Henson trained puppeteer

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Tilda Tigerbalm


Tilda Tigerbalm is a great crowd puller and stirs the public’s curiosity; she is a completely original design. Tilda walks the streets chatting and interacting with the general public asking the most surreal and inappropriate questions. A gentle pensioner, she can banter with the children, gossip with the adults, chat with the animals and charm the plants.

Tilda is a "Half Body" manipulated puppet, and is a unique style of puppetry. The puppeteer is fully visible to the audience/ public but, by utilizing years of manipulation and movement skills, the puppeteer can leave the audience drawn to the puppet and not the puppeteer. This style and technique of puppetry is often seen in Puppetry Theatres around Europe but rarely is it seen on the streets, especially in the UK and Republic of Ireland. Paul Currie is a Belfast puppeteer and puppet builder, street performer and clown, with over 15 years puppetry experience. He is also a Jim Henson Muppeteer (Potto on Cbeebies - Sesame Tree).

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The Bramble Pixies


3 available

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A hilarious and very surreal family favourite. Gather round and hear the words of wisdom given by the Head Lecturer in Crowology at Sheaffield University, Prof John Davenport, as he teaches the Kids and the Adults what being a scarecrow is all about. A walkabout that always has the entire family and the crows rolling in the fields, as Davenport "Professional Scarecrow" tries to recruit new students and help expand the public mind as to the importance scarecrows play in maintaining the worlds economy. A very silly character played in a very serious straight fashion, Davenport will bring smiles to any seasonal event. Ideal for autumn or summer events.

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Mad March Hare


Hear of tales from the meadow

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Berty Bounder


Hob-nob with Berty Bounder, the Victorian Gent, a cheerful chap perfect for adding charm to any event.

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Sir Hillary 'The Tundra Tiger' Bathgate


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The Big Yin


A bonny big lad, standing at 9 feet high, The Big Yin looks and sounds spookily like a certain Scottish comedian!? With his frizzy ginger locks and beard he can keep a crowd entertained with his raw Caledonian banter. In his trademark ruffles and tartan troosers, he is perfect for any seasonal event, especially Hogmanay.

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The Director


The great Hollywood director Barnum T Firefly is on a street near you and ready for ACTION!!

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Toby Pine-Cone, the Christmas List Elf


He double checks the list that Santa has made every year... going through it with everyone he meets and checking their name for a second time for the Big Guy. He checks off everyone from parents to kids to pensioners, traffic wardens and police! No one goes unchecked when Toby is Head List Check-er Off-er; and not everyone is on the "G" list - so you better watch out! A loud, excitable, over-sized Elf who knows Santa personally and is ready to divulge anecdotes if you stand still for long enough. Though, if you don't, he has been known to follow behind people telling them anyway! A very interactive Christmas walkabout character, loved by all and perfect for any Christmas event.

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The Ice King


The chill of winter will soon disappear with the majestic presence of the heart-warming King of cool. A hilarious character with many tales to tell, his breath-taking costume - shimmering white and complete with icy crown, sets him at nearly 12-feet tall! The Ice King is a wonderful, interactive character who can entertain crowds of all ages in the run up to Christmas.

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Militant Traffic Warden


A short-sighted “ticket everything but the traffic” warden, he tickets trees, bins, prams bus stops and even buildings (especially fast food restaurants) for obstructions and crimes against architecture in the streets of all major cities and towns. If it stays long enough, it’s busted.

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Captain Ramsey


Some serious nautical nonsense with the legendary salted sea dog Captain Ramsey. He tells tales of the high sea and sings shantys in the low "F" (thats as good as it gets folks). Can be stilts or ground based.

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Dante Palento is far from Venice! This crazy Italian is the world’s only Roller Skating Gondolier. He can (almost) glide through shopping malls, on his Mama’s old skates

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King Arthur and Patsy


"And lo did King Arthur and his trusted servant Patsy doth gallop their way across hill and dale to find fellow knights to recruit in their quest for the Holy Mug. And yay this be a classic walkabout . Armed with the sacred coconuts Patsy follows the Legendary King of the Britains on their quest, finding and testing young and old knights with silly questions and silly tasks to test their silly skills to become silly knights of the round table at (you guessed it) Silly Camelot. And yay they did useth all types of tricks to have fun with the natives. Testing for witches and rescuing maidens in distress. And the costumes they woreth being hand made and a perfect replica of those worn in the original film." Amen This beautifully simple walkabout is perfect for any street, medieval or family event. A hilarious walkabout for those who know the film and even more surreal for those who don't. Now "runaway!”

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Comedy Waiters


Double (or Solo) waiter clown act. Brothers Sean and Seamus Hack from County Kelp Catering Co are a must have at any glittering Ball or Corporate function. With their very unique and famous brand of outdoor catering and waitering, the Hack Family provide the finest in mouth watering cuisine. Everything is fresh from a can or fridge. Selections of various tinned animal parts, and the finest spread of plastic wrapped yellow world cheeses. They have a fridge stocked with the best dry white cider and monastic tonic wines known to man (and beast).

When it comes to dessert they order in the most delicious hand picked sweets, chosen personally by the Hack brothers from the local Co Kelp garage store that very day. The CKCC is a hilarious and obnoxious walkabout act that will bring belly laughs to any large formal function. The bigger and more lavish the event the more out of place and hilarious these waiters are.

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The Grimm Reaper


This is death warmed up in the true sense. Towering over his public at a spine-chilling 10 feet tall, with giant sickle, “Death” will have you crying…with laughter, as he tells his many tales of failed attempts at drama school and how he was picked on at Reaper college. This hand made costume is completely mesmerising, with its black faceless hood, and spooky skeleton hands. Watch as people stop dead in their tracks as his long bony finger picks out his next victim who will have to listen to his tales of woe and gossip from the afterlife. Families warm to this especially the younger children. Perfect for pageants, carnival and Halloween events.

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Tulip Ginderhorn the Cockney Witch


She may be lovely in name but Tulip is far from this in looks. She is famous the world over as the tallest of all witches (10 feet), and has a very distinctive 3 feet tall hat. Her manners are terrible, she has a voice like a foghorn, and she loves teasing people, and trying to recruit children as junior witches and warlocks. Despite all these faults the public still loves her, and laughter and screams are never far away from Miss Ginderhorn.

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