Tumble Circus

Established 13 years ago, Tumble Circus is a unique experience of innovative Irish circus, specializing in high skill circus street theatre. The shows are a light-hearted jaunt into the soul of man, alive with the endless possibility of the human body, the joy of performing, and the humanity of success and failure. Ordinary people, doing extraordinary things! At the core is a dedication to training, learning and constantly pushing the boundaries.

Tumble Circus have toured extensively throughout Ireland, Europe and Australia. In 2006 Tumble Circus were commissioned by Temple Bar Cultural Trust to make a full length outdoor show and were invited by the Irish Circus Convention to headline at their showcase performance. They've represented Ireland at La Piste aux Espoirs, Belgium, Fira Tarrega, Spain and have appeared at prestigious festivals such as Dublin Theatre Festival, Adelaide Fringe Festival, Trapezi Festival, Reus, National Australia Circus Festival, Tasmania, La Strada, Bremen, Brighton Festival, England, Street Performers World Champions, Dublin, World Busker Festival, Christchurch, New Zealand and many more.

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Death or Circus

Modern life is rubbish. We need advice, guidance, and heroes. Kenneth Fall, the carny god and saviour of Africa, and Tina Machina, the Queen of Sweden and new age white witch of circus, are under qualified but overly eager to share their absurd views on how to cure the planet. Can celebrity anarchists and circus devilment save our children?

Death or Circus is a satire on modern culture using circus skills (duo trapeze, corde lisse, partner acrobatics, hula hoop, slapstick and clowning). Street theatre from the dark side of feel good. Dysfunctional family entertainment.

Through circus, clown and theatre, Tumble Circus hope to disturb, take over, inspire change and mostly remind people that they are not alone.

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Acro Disaster

All the strength and beauty of a young Swedish goose, the good timing of a sundial at midnight and the athletic grace of a world dart's champion. A 10 min high skilled hand to hand acrobatic circus slapstick adventure.

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Overhead Underdressed

A dynamic display of total trust, physical strength and no clear idea of what is happening. The perfect piece for creating audible gasps.

7 min high skilled comedy trapeze act.

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An aerial performance weaved in silk and flesh. Inspiring strength and effortless grace. Beauty and peril drop, descend and cling, a visual treat of modern circus skill. Can be performed as solo act, duo or group.

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Knot Smart

Knot Smart – circus, comedy, entertainment. “Give a fool enough rope and he will hang himself”. A deeply superficial gawk at the tragic soul of a man, on a quest to recreate love

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Dizzy in Heels

With more bends and curves than the road to Limavady, Heidi Hoopla presents her tricky, yet sophisticated display of hula hooping. Rumoured to be capable of keeping 42 hula hoops in motion on her hips.

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The Escape

Houdini is dead and David Copperfield is too expensive. Meet Kenneth Fall, Ireland’s most inexpensive and still alive escape artist, 20 meters in the air hanging from the end of a burning rope. A death defying comedy of implausible consequences.

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Tumble Circus: UpAbove

Witness a beautiful disaster in mid-air. Extreme circus skill, inventive humour and lashings of talent. Slapstick acrobatics, hazardous aerial and flying hula hoop all performed around a 7 m high free standing trapeze rig. Tina Machina and Kenneth Fall invite you on a cultural car crash of circus street theatre. The show is a proud delivery of strongly developed comedy characters with a happy amalgamation of acrobatics, manipulation and outstanding aerial routines. A humorous circus show with high physical skills driven by characters that are drawn from contemporary cultures.

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Tumble Circus - Impossible

A wickedly stiff cocktail of skill and comedy. 6ft unicycles, acrobatics, juggling and two idiots fighting to stay friends. The biggest sensation and crowd gatherer to come out of Ireland since Guinness. A versatile 40 min circus street show.

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