Sometimes words fail us when it comes to talking about Timmy. That might be because this clown doesn’t often need them to make an audience laugh. He has perfected his characters, such as his Juggling Jester or Clown Waiter or Angus McAngle Chef, which can bring a smile or a belly laugh to a crowd or an audience of one.
Timmy is a heart warming clown with an intriguing perspective on the world... and far too much energy!

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Gargle the Gargoyle is on the look out for a new home, but he can't help but take a closer look at the humans around him.

A statue one minute, but watch out, he'll soon be behind you!

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Timmy the Juggling Jester

He walks! (barely) Talks! (we think) He juggles! (like no other) Watch this Jester's antics; he might get himself into trouble but he'll definitely get you into a good mood. But if he manages to concentrate long enough, the Juggling Jester will amaze you with juggling, unicycle skills and acrobatics unmatched by any other fool.

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Clown Waiter

Unicycling and juggling with a fresh hint of lunacy

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