Grant Goldie

Grant Goldie

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Bag of Tricks

With his unique humour and a bottomless bag of tricks, Grant Goldie charms his audience with ease. Juggling verbal dexterity, Grant manages not to tie his words up, and keep his shoes on. Comedy juggling show with comedy and juggling..... (1min - 30min )

Quote made half hour after show " My face still hurts from Laughing "

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Mesmerizing Manipulation, Stunning Visual Effect, Guaranteed Jaw Dropper. (6min) “It’s unreal. It’s like watching a waterfall in slow motion, or toothpaste squeezed out a tube; it’s liquid.”

“Outstanding work by Grant Goldie” - The Stage, UK's premiere publication for the performing arts industry

Can be adapted into a Walkabout as well

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Grant Goldie's mystical manipulation

Enquire about Grant Goldie's mystical manipulation

That Man Show

One man and his case invite you into a world of chance and opportunity; an arena of acute absurdity and mesmerizing manipulation. Witness a wordless performance of charming virtuosity and stunning skill, where precision and timing are taken to new levels. Not merely a juggling show, more a projectile assault on Gravity.

This is what people say once they have seen this show: “refreshing, engaging, wholesome – 10 out of 10.” "I've watched the faces of the people he brings into his show, he makes them feel so special, they will never forget it." - Organizer of Womad Festival, Madrid. “Treated to a dazzling performance by That Man” - The Irish Times.

What we say is book This Show and get That Man

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