Jitterbug Jackson

Jitterbug Jackson is the alter-ego of renowned performer, Hugh Brown, who has thrilled and engaged audiences across the globe. Sure to bring a smile to even the most sceptical of folk, Jitterbug will jive and juggle with all manner of props and paraphernalia.

Jitterbug Jackson

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I Used to Dream of Rocket Ships

I Used to Dream of Rocket Ships

Recently returned to these shores after exotic and enlightening adventures in South East Asia our very own Captain of Chaos, Jitterbug Jackson, crash lands with a bang, a wallop and a welcome return to Ireland.

In his brand new show, I Used to Dream of Rocket Ships, Jitterbug delivers what we have come to expect from this seasoned raconteur and Ringmaster of the Absurd.

Expect a thrilling and explosive mix of Circus, Comedy, Dance, Poetry, Science and Song, all set to a musical score that delights and inspires.

This is a show that always reminds us that we are never to old in the tooth to reach for those stars and realise our own dreams and ambitions.

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Stumblebumm is a warm hearted buffoon whose amiable chit chat will lighten any event. Perfect for enchanted or medieval themed events

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