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Colm O Grady

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Cirque de Sally

Fabulous, fantastic, flamboyant, but faded circus star Sally puts down her knitting needles to leave you in stitches as she steps into the ring to give the performance of a lifetime. A universal show without words, Cirque de Sally promises a silly, sensational and exceptionally eccentric show turning the ordinary into the extraordinary with her hula hoops, crazy contortion and stunt cycling. Sweet as an onion, Sally will break your heart with laughter.

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Contemporary Circus meets traditional Alpine culture in a splendid display of stupidity. “Yodel” is an absurd comedy where Wolfegang Glochenspiel from leather-Hosen-Land performs his world famous classical music on bicycle horns while riding on a 2 metre high Unicycle. Witness the wonderful exposition of traditional Leek dancing with a chorus of juggling. Listen to the beautiful melodies played by his orchestra of Bell Ringers. This is a highly original, funny and energetic show that will charm any audience. Yodelay-e-hoooooooooo!

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