Fenix Circus

Helen’s energetic and endearing characters range from the daft to the refined. She has a background in theatre and dance, and applies this to her lively walkabout personalities. She has a variety of stilts walkabout, including the cheeky Pixie, Prunella and an elegant (if a bit loopy…) Elf Queen; and highly interactive ground based walkabouts; including Pirate Peg and Workout Wendy. Helen has performed across the globe and all around Ireland as an actor, circus artist and storyteller.

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Hansel and Gretel

Hansel and Gretel are on their way home! Fresh from dispatching the wicked witch into her own oven, the siblings are searching for any sign of their breadcrumb trail. This energetic duo enchant young and old; telling a familiar tale, and captivating a crowd with their high-energy tomfoolery!

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The Fish-Heads

Two beautiful mermaids! But not as you expect. These half-fish, half-human creations will bring a sense of the bizarre to enchanted nights, Halloween spectaculars, and maritime festivals, as well as promotional events. They captivate audiences, and prove there is more expression in a pair of legs than first expected!

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Lucinda the Lunatic

Lucinda loves nothing more than a chat, a cup of tea, and a trip down into the underworld. Her dark sense of humour will keep you guessing, and her fortune-telling skills are likely to lead to more questions than answers. Lucinda is frightfully funny, and ready to bring her macabre mannerisms to delight and terrify those around her.

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Hazel the Autumn Fairy

Hazel has big-ified herself for the day, in celebration of her favourite season! She loves to share the joys of scrunching through crispy leaves, coaxing shining conkers from their spiky shells, and enjoying the bounties of the harvest. Little ones and not-so little ones are sure to be entertained by this nutty nymph!

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With a jingle of her toes, Mistletoes will bring Christmas cheer and seasonal fun to one and all! She sings her own versions of familiar songs and everyone loves to join her in some 'traditional' elf dance and hear tall tales about Lapland!

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Rita - Long Legged Lovely

Rita is loud and brash, and would be in your face, if she wasn’t so darn tall! – she towers above us all at nearly 9 feet up! Once, she was an elegant burlesque dancer, but things have taken a turn for the worse, and now she is often seen staggering around the gin houses of this fine city. She has a wicked sense of humour, and a rather unique laugh… Rita is also available as a zombie, or at a height of 5’4”, and also as a rather more refined version, suitable for the most cultured of events.

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Queen of the Forest Elves

Our elegant Elf Queen has lost her way, and is looking for the hidden door to get home. Her magic dust will grant your wishes if the time is right, and as she tries to understand the human world, she’ll surely work her way into your hearts.

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Prunella the Pink Pixie

Prunella is a pixie of a very naughty degree! She’s is the nosiest creature in all of fairy-land, and is in search of some new ingredients for her spells. She can be quite a handful, so don’t believe her beguiling charm, and be prepared for some very silly songs!

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Workout Wendy

Are you ready? Wendy loves aerobics, and loves the music of the 1980s, and she’s here to share them both with you! Her infectious smile and funky dance moves will have families of all ages joining in, and finding their own unique dance.

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Pirate Peg

Pirate Peggy engages with young and old alike, searching for crew to join her ship (and asking for some tips along the way!). She’ll bring out the inner pirate in everyone, while trying to disguise the fact that she’s a girl, and no-one will let her on a ship! Full of energy and ready for anything, Pirate Peggy will bring a burst of high spirits to any event.

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