Shine Circus

Rachael C Lindsay is a dynamic and adaptable performer with a background in theatre, music, clowning and circus. She combines these to create her own special blend of sophistication and ridiculousness. She is an imaginative entertainer with something for everyone.

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Miss Shell the Amazing Circus Mermaid

Miss Shell's show will put a smile on anybody's face. Expect the unexpected as this fun and colourful underwater creature sings her way beautifully into your heart, performs a brilliantly comedic fish juggling routine, packs in some exquisite dolphin tricks and rounds the show off with a fantastic multihoop hula hoop finale! The show is suitable for families and fishes!

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The Enchanted Fairy

The Enchanted Fairy creates a stunning atmosphere of beauty, wonder and awe. She entertains and wows audiences of young and old alike, with her skillful, graceful and dynamic LED hoop dancing.

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Trixie March the Toy Soldier

Trixie March is a delightful giant mechanical toy. She loves nothing more than to march about in various formations, make noise and show off her devil stick baton tricks. At Christmas she can also be found chanting carols as she marches and talking about her special work for Santa Security. At enchanted evenings, she has been spotted coming to life from a pile of inanimate toys to the delight of unsuspecting onlookers.

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Fizzy the Fairy

Fizzy is a happy-go-lucky, child-friendly, bubbly woodland fairy. She is highly interactive. She offers wishes from her tiny friend the wishing fairy who lives in her wand. She can also be seen attempting to fly and often gets a lot of welcome help from passers by who seem quite bemused with her escapades. Her best trick is her triple summersault dive. Some people have said she doesn't leave the ground but others can see it clearly! If a person is really special (usually a bright shining child) they get to turn her into anything they like with her wand. She generally loves to dance with her wand ribbon and play, amuse, sing and look pretty/silly!

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Lady Von Fang

Lady Von Fang is a luxurious gothic vampire, who hails from Dracula's own country, Transylvania. With her ornate aristocratic black ball gown, black lace gloves, veil and black roses she is Death's jilted Bride, hunting relentlessly for the “one”, the perfect new groom to make into her immortal partner. She is also of course a playful terror with an insatiable thirst for blood. She plays at scaring her “victims” and having fun with those who play along. She can also be seen melancholically mourning for Death...but BEWARE! This may be a trap!

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Miss Shell the Singing Mermaid

Miss Shell is a mermaid of the highest comedic order. When she's not playing one of her sea songs on her ukulele she can often be found with her pet dolphin, Flipper, taking him for a walk or training him for the underwater dolphin krufts. She also recruits help for this from keen passersby.

Although Miss Shell aims to retain dignity, one can't help noticing the comedy value of a mermaid “walking” with a tail, and to add insult to injury, Flipper is notoriously a very naughty dolphin, frequently sniffing people's bottoms or just not doing what he's supposed to. Miss Shell also loves to flirt with any of the abundance of sailors (any men) around to see if their kiss can turn her tail into land legs.

Miss Shell is a loveable fun character creating a general air of silliness wherever she waddles

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