Stripey Socks Productions

Stripey Socks Productions is made up of Natalie and Becky who perform in a duo but are also available as solo performers. Their new Alice in Wonderland themed show 'Curious World' is very interactive with the audience, somewhat surreal and very family friendly.

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Curious World

An enchanting comical twist on a classic children’s tale. Come explore with Alice as she enters this Curious World and meets the Mad Hatter, has a tea party and finds herself tangled up in this new aerial and acrobatic adventure!

Upside down antics, toe tapping songs and a bit of wacky audience interaction await you.

Put on your best stripey socks and join us for a cup of tea like never before!

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Elfie Selfies

Get Selfies with the Elfies at this magical Christmas time, upload your mugshot to see if you look mighty fine!

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Matilda & Hilda Garten

Alice and the Mad Hatter love to take their pet flamingos, Matilda and Hilda Garten, out for a stroll. These two friendly balls of fluff love getting a tickle under the chin! Great for parades, fun fairs and tea parties, of course!

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Plié and Passé your way over to the Balmoral Show today to perfect your Pirouettes with our Bull-erinas! Can't wait to take these bulls by the horns and show the world how "Bull-et" is meant to be performed with our Grand Debut today!

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Alice and the Mad Hatter

Great for an entertaining meet and greet or a whimsical entertaining walkabout, these two infamous characters attract attention from all ages! Sure to provide laughter and smiles, Alice and the Mad Hatter interact with everyone, telling tall tea tales and always on the look out for the nearest biscuits that need dunking...

Also available with tiny bikes!

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