Sideboard Sideshow

Frankie Magilligan

Having escaped the North Antrim Coast with nothing but his rugged good looks, unbelievable fashion sense and silky seductive voice, please sit back and take in the area of outstanding natural beauty that is big Frankie Magilligan.

Timmy the Weirdo

An enigmatic specimen of the human condition. With little regard for his own personal safety and total disregard for the laws of physics and decency, Timmy the Weirdo will capture your attention and applause with ridiculous feats of physical prowess.

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Sideboard Sideshow

Superbly silly, stunningly surreal & seriously stupid…Welcome to the sideboard sideshow!

Teetering on the edge of danger while tottering towards the wrong side of sanity this duo will quite literally invite you into their living room for a glimpse of the world as they see it…3D glasses optional.

A blend of awesome skills including acrobatics, juggling and fire this high energy show is full of fun, laughter and unpredictability.

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Albert the Great

Tall, dark, handsome - well two out of three isn’t bad. Whether it’s talking to toddlers or mingling with the masses of high society this gentle giant is the perfect choice for any event.

Standing ten feet tall you would think regular doors would pose a problem, but not for Albert… although it is quite amusing to see him squeeze through.

Albert is also available for aerial photography, window cleaning and cherry picking!

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Watch out when this statuesque demon is about! Sure to give you a scare, this eerie character is perfect for Horror themed events and Halloween gatherings!

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